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Bernadette "Bernie" San Pedro Hernandez (nee Bayot) (died June 1, 2013 at age 55) was Bruno Mars' mother.


Early lifeEdit

Bernadette Hernandez immigrated to Hawaii from the Philippines as a child, and is of Filipino and some Spanish descent.[1]


Bernadette was a former singer.[2]

Marriage and childrenEdit

Bernie married Peter Hernandez and together they had four children: Tiara, Peter (Bruno), Tahiti and Presley. Also in their large family was Eric, Pete's son from an earlier relationship, and Jaime, Bernie's brother's daughter who was 'adopted' into the family. Jaime and Eric are the eldest children in the Hernandez family.


Bernadette died suddenly on June 1, 2013, Saturday at the age of 55 of a brain aneurysm at a medical center in Honolulu.[3] Bruno spoke about the sudden death of his mother, saying "So thankful for all the love during the most difficult time in my life. I'll be back on my feet again soon. That's what mom wants."


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